Phantom Nerve Pain Gone

Tomatis® is all about improving your brain’s ability to process information. Phantom nerve pain can be debilitating and in this case the Tomatis® Method helped our client process sensory information more accurately so that her pain and also overall sensitivity disappeared. (Published with permission.)

Phantom Nerve Pain


Hi Maria,

It was lovely to speak to you.

One change in particular that I have noticed is, I am now able to sit down for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. It has been almost 9 years since I injured my back and the lingering problem has been not being able to sit down without severe lower back pain and numbness in parts of my legs. I was told it was phantom nerve pain from the old injury and I would just have to live with it…well…it has gone!!! I can sit for 2 hours and only get a slight twinge when I stand up, somewhere in the 2nd Block of 20 hours this happened. I have no numbness in my legs either. I am delighted.

Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team of people (Ingrid) for being amazing and supportive with allowing me to do the activities that my body feels it needs to do. I appreciate the chance to be able to listen and train for my Half-Marathon then a chance to revive a childhood talent and in the process make the discovery that I could sit down once again.

Warmest Regards

Listening Therapy with the Tomatis® Effect


The Tomatis® Method is a pedagogical method used to improve the listening of a person whose hearing functions correctly. It works thanks to a device, the Tomatis® Electronic Ear, that causes musical contrasts by suddenly and unpredictably changing the timbre and intensity of the music. This effect surprises the brain and triggers its attention mechanisms. We say that the brain puts itself in a listening position.

Sound is transmitted through air via the ear canal. It is also transmitted by a vibration at the top of the headset. This vibration is called bone conduction. Bone conduction transmits the sound directly to the inner ear, thus preparing it to receive the sound transmitted through the eardrum. Read More

Listening Affects Learning

Come to this talk if there is room for improvement for your child or yourself. Auditory processing is key to effective brain function. Registration and more info at:



Speedy reading improvement

This 8 year old boy had several serious infections as a baby and experienced difficulties at school. Now he is on the fast track instead. There’s nothing like getting email updates like this! (Published with permission.)


Hi Maria and Ingrid,

Just to let you know that ____ had a test a few
days ago and he is now ready at 11.5 years.

Hope you are all good.

The little girl who didn’t like hugs


One of my students did not like touching or hugging people and she did not like to be touched herself either. She had difficulty interpreting these gestures. This student attended the Tomatis listening program and after three intensive blocks of listening she has become far more emotionally involved. She’s now giving her family members huge big hugs.
Her facial expression has also become more warm and soft. This is really neat to see that she is changing in a very positive way. Her reading and spelling are also improving. She’s more able to pace herself while she’s reading, to make her eyes track slowly and carefully so that her reading is becoming more accurate with proper intonation and punctuation instead of racing on.

Sjaan van Falier, Tomatis® Practitioner in Wellington, shares how the Tomatis® Method can make profound changes in behaviour and emotions after a few months on the programme.

Public Talk in Kerikeri 7 May

11136087_1594065957536658_2375158780919759801_oLooking forward to meeting old friends and clients and welcoming new ones in Bay of Islands! Invitation to parents, grandparents, teachers and others who know of children who struggle with learning. It doesn’t have to be hard. More info and booking.

First Tomatis group programme in Wellington!

Tomatis children group #1From 13 to 22 December 2014 a group of five children attended the first of four Tomatis Listening Programmes at Moera Community House where they listened to the Tomatis filtered music for two hours each day to help improve academic performance. The whole programme spans 10 months and each intensive block is two weeks long (Monday to Friday).

During the sound therapy, the children enjoyed the art and crafts activities provided together with construction play, puzzles and games. It was a time of fun, joy and social interaction!

Contact Sjaan van Falier if you want to enroll your child in a course.



“Mug Shot” of Tomatis® Level 2 practitioners in the sunshine

The past two week-ends we have been busy teaching the Tomatis® Listening Test Course. Our happy participants can now put Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2 on their business cards. The test course adds an important dimension to the Tomatis training programme; it can be more finely adjusted to each client and it is easy to monitor progress.

Thank you for a wonderful course together with lots of laughs!

Tomatis Practitioners

Tomatis Practitioners Mug Shot: Sjaan, Maria, Ingrid, Fredrik and Jody

TOMATIS in schools

Public Talk in Auckland