First Tomatis group programme in Wellington!

Tomatis children group #1From 13 to 22 December 2014 a group of five children attended the first of four Tomatis Listening Programmes at Moera Community House where they listened to the Tomatis filtered music for two hours each day to help improve academic performance. The whole programme spans 10 months and each intensive block is two weeks long (Monday to Friday).

During the sound therapy, the children enjoyed the art and crafts activities provided together with construction play, puzzles and games. It was a time of fun, joy and social interaction!

Contact Sjaan van Falier if you want to enroll your child in a course.



First TOMATIS Professional Education Course in New Zealand!


Françoise Nicoloff, RCTC, psychologist

The first TOMATIS® Practitioner Level 1 course in New Zealand was held in Auckland during two very intensive weekends in August.

The course was held by Maria Moell Lundqvist and Fredrik Moell of Tomatis® New Zealand, and Françoise Nicoloff, director and Certified Tomatis® Consultant of Tomatis® Australia in Sydney was a much appreciated guest lecturer.

TOMATIS® Professional Training consists of three courses, client work and ongoing mentoring:

  • TOMATIS® Practitioner Level 1 (3 days)
  • TOMATIS® Practitioner Level 2 (4 days)
  • TOMATIS® Consultant (5 days)

After the first course, TOMATIS® Practitioners Level 1, are qualified to work with a powerful subset of the TOMATIS® Method within their area of expertise.