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Tomatis® Practitioners in New Zealand

Every successful organisation has a set of values that guide its work and relationships. We have chosen these:

♥ We are sensitive to the needs of every client and endeavour to meet these in the best possible way
♥ We work in an environment of care, curiosity and continuous learning
♥ We seek partnerships and alliances to be able to help more people
♥ We work with the highest ethical standards
♥ We use our knowledge and competence to contribute to a better society.


Maria MoellBMARIA MOELL LUNDQVIST is a Tomatis® Consultant Level 4 and Tomatis® International Trainer, Founder and Director of Tomatis® New Zealand. Maria pioneered the Tomatis® Method in Sweden in 1998 and moved to New Zealand in 2012. She works one-on-one with select clients from all parts of New Zealand but spends most of her time teaching and mentoring new Tomatis® Practitioners, schools and Early Childhood Centres how to use the method. “My goal is to train 500 professionals in the Tomatis® Method the coming 5 years to be able to help 50,000 children and adults to happier and more successful lives every year”, she says. More


SjaanSJAAN VAN FALIER is a qualified Primary School teacher who works with children and adults experiencing learning and/or behavioural challenges in the Wellington area. As an open-minded teacher, she has deepened her understanding of Montessori and Steiner Education to broaden her view in educational methodology. She is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 4 and has nearly finished her study as a developmental practitioner. Sjaan uses a holistic approach to learning to incorporate the Tomatis® Method, Rhythmical Movement Training, Extra Lesson and Brain                                              Gym. More


Ingrid WubbenINGRID WUBBEN is an Early Childhood Education teacher, a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2, and holds a diploma in Occupational Therapy (OTBNZ registered, not currently practicing). She not only believes that parents are their children’s first teachers, but also that they are the most important ones. By using the Tomatis® Method together with educational activities she is able to provide a unique learning experience for both children and adults. Ingrid manages the Tomatis® Centre in Kerikeri/Bay of Islands. More


Esme CoetseeESMÉ STRYDOM works as a Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour team leader in Auckland North Shore. She is also an enthusiastic Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2, offering specialised tutoring and working memory programmes to her private practice clients.

Esmé has many years experience from a range of ages and different conditions: dyslexia, ADHD, autism and language development. More

KYLIE UJDUR is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2 and pioneered the Tomatis® Method to Taranaki in 2015. Since then, she has helped change the lives of many children and their families throughout the region.

With strong roots in education,  Kylie is 100% dedicated to using the Tomatis® Method to help children improve their learning and daily lives. As a result of witnessing the positive changes in her clients, many schools have since approached Kylie to bring her work as a Tomatis® Practitioner as an offering to the wider school community. More

PAM MITCHELL  is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2 and lives in Te Anau. In addition to her Tomatis® work she is also a coordinator for Early Childhood home-based care, something she feels passionate about as she believes small groups are very conducive to better learning outcomes for young children.

It was through researching special needs that she discovered the Tomatis® Method. More

Jan Ward-AllenJAN WARD-ALLEN is a registered and experienced primary school teacher with a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education and a Master Degree in Education. She has studied and worked in the learning disabilities field for the past ten years. She is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2, based in the awesome Hawkes Bay. More


Kathy Malcolm DSC00956KATHY MALCOLM is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 who has worked in primary schools teaching music and assisting children with learning difficulties since 1992. She also has experience from early childhood education through a government funded preschool play group. More




MARGARET UNDERWOOD is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies, a Post Graduate Diploma of Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma Teaching (Secondary).She first came across Dr Tomatis’ work in 1993 and is very excited to work with children and adults, in the classroom and the wider community, to help them access more of their potential. Margaret lives in New Plymouth but loves to travel.    More


MARCIA SPYVE is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Diploma in Counselling, and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

I have a strong belief in the power of the mind. I hold on to the belief that everyone has their own strengths and skills to make changes in their life, given the right vessel. More


SYLVIA KAVANAGH is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 offering individualised programmes to a range of ages depending on the clients’ needs.

Sylvia is a primary school teacher with ten years teaching experience.  She comes from a science background and before training as a teacher worked as a medical laboratory scientist. More


YOLINDA BULLIANS is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 based in Hamilton. Incorporating the Tomatis® Method as one of the foundational principles used to bring about permanent improvements demonstrated by tangible lasting changes in people’s lives. More



MichaelMICHAEL BLAKE began teaching in England where he taught private students and students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and of the Marylebone Voice and Therapy Unit. Since returning to New Zealand in 1995, Michael has mentored and coached singers at the University of Auckland, the University of Waikato and at High Schools in Cambridge, Taupo and Tauranga. Currently, he teaches theory, harmony and vocal studies to Certificate and Diploma students in Contemporary Music courses, as he continues his mentoring work. More


Glenese BlakeGLENESE BLAKE has a Master of Arts (Art Therapy) degree which focused on her belief that music has the ability to heal and that voice is an integral part of the healing process. In 2009, she attended a Tomatis® conference in Adelaide, Australia and immediately understood that this was an intervention that could be used with some of her singing and music therapy students. It was also something that tied in with her research and teaching practices over previous years.



Grace BaylisGRACE BAYLIS is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 and Occupational Therapist in Taranaki with experience in pediatric private practice, community rehab, and vocational rehabilitation.

“After about 10 years in my career as an Occupational Therapist, I discovered the Tomatis® Method and was very excited to see how it fast-tracks a great many of the skills that I work on with my clients.”



My name is ROBYN HEWETSON. I am a Therapeutic Speech Teacher and a voice coach. I have a studio at 804 Eaton Road, St Leonards, Hastings, New Zealand.

I have 38 years experience teaching the spoken arts in Schools, in Teacher Training, in business and in Therapeutic situations.



LYNDAL HENRY is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 and self-employed Occupational Therapist in New Plymouth working mainly with children. This image shows her with a boy from the cerebral palsy camp she did in Nepal.




JULIANNE SWANEPOEL is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1 based in New Plymouth who has spent her entire professional career teaching. It began in South Africa, then Botswana and New Zealand. She has always had an interest in brain function, processing and learning.

Julianne holds a Dip Co TESOL and a Post Grad in Specialist Teaching with an endorsement in ASD.  More



Fredrik MoellBFREDRIK MOELL is technical director at Tomatis® New Zealand and has been involved with the technology behind the Tomatis® Method since 1998. Before that, he spent more than 20 years working with hearing aids. “The Tomatis® Method refreshes parts of your brain you didn’t even know existed.” he says with a smile. More




Tomatis® New Zealand Advisors and Partners



Francoise Nicoloff

FRANÇOISE NICOLOFF is the founder and director of Tomatis® in Australia. She is a Tomatis® Consultant Level 4, Tomatis® Trainer, Reg. psychologist, coach, and published author.

She lives in Sydney and travels regularly to meet with clients and to give presentations and courses in the South Pacific, Europe and the Americas. More