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Fredrik Moell

Fredrik Moell holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Sweden and has been involved with the technology behind the Tomatis® method since 1998. Before that, he spent more than 20 years working with hearing aid technology in various specialist and management functions.

He started his career at the Swedish National Defense Research Institute. Six years later, Fredrik joined the Swedish Institute for Assistive Technology and was appointed assistant head of the department responsible for Hearing Aid Technology in 1980.

In 1983, he was recruited by Oticon, a global manufacturing company for hearing aids as general manager for Oticon’s Swedish subsidiary. He left in 1994 to take on the general manager position at Resound Sweden—another world leading company in hearing aid products.

Fredrik first became interested in the Tomatis® method in 1995 and joined Tomatis Nordiska AB in Sweden in 1998 as a board member and vice president to help introduce the Tomatis® method in Scandinavia. “The Tomatis method refreshes parts of your brain you didn’t even know existed.” he says with a smile.

Fredrik has three grown children, is a passionate photographer and loves music, reading and hiking.

He moved to New Zealand with his wife and two step sons in 2012.

More About Fredrik

  • General Manager Oticon (1984–1993)
  • General Manager Resound Sweden (1994–1997)
  • Vice president Tomatis Nordiska (1998–2012)
  • Honorary Member of IARCTC, International Association of Certified Tomatis Consultants (2003)