Glenese Blake

Glenese BlakeGLENESE BLAKE has a Master of Arts (Art Therapy) degree which focused on her belief that music has the ability to heal and that voice is an integral part of the healing process. In 2009, she attended a Tomatis® conference in Adelaide, Australia and immediately understood that this was an intervention that could be used with some of her singing and music therapy students. It was also something that tied in with her research and teaching practices over previous years.

Winner of several prestigious awards, including the inaugural Dame Sister Mary Leo Scholarship, Glenese was awarded an Arts Council Grant for further study overseas where she enjoyed a successful singing career in England specializing in Handel, Mozart, Britten and lighter Wagner roles.  During this time, Glenese developed an interest in vocal pedagogy; the science and the emotional content of sound, which led to her becoming a founding member of the British Voice Association.  Teaching positions at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, and especially at the Marylebone Voice and Therapy Unit, gave her more insight into these possibilities.

Returning to New Zealand, Glenese was appointed Senior Lecturer in Voice at The University of Auckland where she developed an innovative and successful voice department.   Her students were successful in being awarded scholarships for overseas study and singing abroad.

Glenese and her husband Michael founded a new creative venture called The Music Shed, which actively mentors young singers and voice teachers, choir conductors and Heads of Music who want to understand vocal complexity; she also facilitates workshops around New Zealand for NEWZATS .  She is a regular Examiner of Singing for NZMEB and has adjudicated some of the most prestigious singing competitions throughout New Zealand.

More recently, Glenese was awarded a Fellowship Diploma in the Art of Singing Teaching by the St Cecilia School (Australia) of Music – the only Voice Fellow in New Zealand.

Glenese has been working very successfully with the Forbrain device on some of her vocal students.  Students who frequently pitched just under the note and who often were fractionally behind the beat overcame these problems.  There was an immediate improvement after the first session and then with just four sessions, the singer kept maintaining the improvement.  The natural extension of this work is to conduct Listening Assessments, where needed, and to introduce TalksUp®.  She is excited at the prospect of working with Tomatis and fulfilling the potential she discovered many years ago.

Glenese is a Level 1 practitioner and works with her husband Michael with the Tomatis® Method.

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