Kylie Ujdur

KYLIE UJDUR is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2 and pioneered the Tomatis® Method to Taranaki in 2015. Since then, she has helped change the lives of many children and their families throughout the region.

With strong roots in education,  Kylie is 100% dedicated to using the Tomatis® Method to help children improve their learning and daily lives. As a result of witnessing the positive changes in her clients, many schools have since approached Kylie to bring her work as a Tomatis® Practitioner as an offering to the wider school community.


Kylie offers the following services at her Inglewood based studio:
– Individual Tomatis® Programs
– Group Programs
– Tomatis® Listen & Learn Programme for schools
– Initial Assessments
– Listening Tests
– Assessment reports

Contact Kylie

Phone: 022 1907476