Robyn Hewetson

Robyn HewetsonMy name is ROBYN HEWETSON. I am a Therapeutic Speech Teacher and a voice coach. I have studio at 804 Eaton Road, St Leonards, Hastings, New Zealand.
I have 38 years experience teaching the spoken arts in Schools, in Teacher Training, in business and in Therapeutic situations. I am self employed with a business called WellSpoken. I help people present themselves with the spoken arts, so I work with performers who want to make their theatre presentation even better.

I work with Kindergarten and Teacher Trainings to help teachers develop a voice which children will not only listen to, but will be able to respond well to and which the children will understand and remember what is spoken to them.

I work therapeutically with many children and adults who have speaking difficulties and learning challenges.

I have become a Tomatis Practitioner and am, at present, a Level 1 provider.

I am offering Tomatis listening therapy to my range of skills to help children and adults who face learning challenges.

I offer a free consultation to help you decide if this work can help you or your child and to help you decide how to proceed.

I can be reached at my email or you can visit my webpage or go to my facebook page Becoming Wellspoken.

My phone contacts are (06) 878 3496 and 021 217 8688