Sjaan van Falier

SjaanSJAAN VAN FALIER manages a Tomatis® training centre in the Wellington area. She is a trained Primary School teacher who works with children and adults experiencing learning and/or behaviour challenges. She obtained a Diploma of Teaching from the Netherlands and has also worked for six years as a senior secretary in the intake and drug/alcohol rehabilitation department of a Mental Hospital. She started her teaching career in New Zealand in 1992 and received a Bachelor of Education from AUT in Auckland. Since then, Sjaan has obtained a decade of classroom experience in both low and high decile schools.

A keen interest in child development and learning led to her studies of Montessori and Steiner Education to broaden her view on educational methodology. Sjaan has trained as a Reading Recovery and SPELD Teacher and has worked as such over the last eight years determined to make a difference for her students.

Sjaan has always known that learning originates from a healthy well-functioning body and started offering pre-school gym sessions in the early nineties after attending Playgym Leadership workshops. Since then she has educated herself in this area extensively through Brain-Gym, Educational Kinesiology, Perceptual Motor Programming, Rhythmical Movement Training (reflex integration) and is working on becoming a qualified Extra lesson Practitioner, better known as developmental practitioner.

Through working with the physical body Sjaan has seen many children boost their self-esteem, self- image, and make great progress in reading, writing, handwriting and maths.

She has now become a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 4 as she believes that the ear plays an integral part in learning, behaviour and well-being. By adding the Tomatis® Method to her practice she is able to offer an even higher degree of service in overcoming barriers to learning and well-being.

The initial assessment gathers a broad range of information and looks at the challenges presented from different perspectives, to establish an individual program through which the client not only can improve academically but also socially and emotionally. It is important in our fast changing and challenging society to become or stay well-balanced human beings who are able to take part and contribute to this society in a positive manner acquired through the initiative of life-long learning.

Facts about Sjaan

  • Tomatis® Practitioner Level 4
  • 10 years classroom teaching experience in primary schools
  • 10 years experience in overcoming learning challenges
  • 4 years pre-school gym instructor/director, ages 1 to 5 years
  • Developmental Practitioner Trainee
  • Uses a holistic approach to learning and well-being
  • Uses a variety of methods to enhance learning and well-being.

Contact Sjaan at UPHilS – Unlocking Potential, Holistic Individual Learning Support
Phone: 04 527 4562
Text msg: 022 698 6776