Sylvia Kavanagh

Sylvia KavanaghSYLVIA KAVANAGH  is a Level 1 Tomatis® Practitioner offering individualised programmes to a range of ages depending on the clients needs.

Sylvia is a primary school teacher with ten years teaching experience. She comes from a science background and before training as a teacher worked as a medical laboratory scientist.

Child development is a passion for her and it is this that led her to investigate, utilise and train in the Tomatis® method. She has seen the power of the Tomatis® method first-hand and now wants to share this with people who could also benefit from the program.

Sylvia is experienced in working with children with learning difficulties. Children with APD, dyslexia, speech and language difficulties can all benefit from the work that she does using the Tomatis® method. She has found it to be a very useful tool for helping children to achieve their potential.

Through the use of the Tomatis® method she wants to give parents hope. Hope that each child can reach his or her potential, whatever that is.

Contact Sylvia Kavanagh
Mobile: 021 1143601