Boy With Dyslexia

Letter from Harriet whose son has finished a Tomatis programme in Auckland. She writes:


My name is Harriet Epstein. I have a dyslexic son with audio processing complications. I came across the Tomatis Method a few months ago and was delighted to meet Maria whose work has been invaluable to his progress and development.

I took my son out of school last year and home schooled him for a couple of terms, as the education system was not meeting his needs. I feel very strongly that the Tomatis Method offered by Maria and Fredrik has been an integral part of his progress. (Published with permission.)

Auditory Processing Disorder linked to language, attention and behaviour problems

This new study shows that Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and language, literacy, attention and behaviour disorders overlap to a great degree. The researchers also propose to use the term ‘neurodevelopmental syndrome’ instead of APD to better explain the various parts of the brain and ear involved. Their research is based on data from a large pediatric audiology service.

Title: Auditory processing disorder (APD) in children: A marker of neurodevelopmental syndrome
: David R. Moore & Lisa L. Hunter at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Department of Otolaryngology
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